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Monday, October 12, 2009

Learn to draw Concept Cars using Photoshop-by Miles Waterhouse

This tutorial is borrowed from external link, all rights reserved by their rightful owner.

This is my way of rendering a sketch with a minimum of fuss, if you need to churn out a few ideas. It is a fairly traditional method of working up a concept sketch from a line drawing, with a few exceptions. I think that with the use of 2D cad software such as Photoshop, Painter etc. it is more efficient to design the details of the car during the rendering rather than in the line drawing. However it's still a good idea to work out the basic design in a quick line drawing that looks correct in terms of perpective and proportion. This tutorial shows the progression from a sketch that worked better as a line drawing than a rendered sketch and which had to be changed part way through in order to work as a design. I hope this shows, in some way, how important it is not to take your initial sketches too seriously when working on computer. I also hope it shows how an ability to render them up quickly and efficiently starts to improve the design very early on. If your sketches are messier or more detailed than this - no problem, mine often are as well; just be ready to deviate from your original intention if you think it could be improved. In this example if I had spent time sketching in more detail on the grille and headlamps, it would have been time wasted because there was a more basic problem with this area that was shown up during rendering, as you will see. To see full tutorial, please follow the link.

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