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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Figure Quick Sketch Video: How to Construct The Limbs

Check this out! I couldn't resize this video, you can also see this drawing tutorial here:

Making of a Sci-Fi Character Concept / Illustration

Here is a nice tutorial on Sci-Fi character concept design. On that web site, You can also find tutorials such as: concept art, digital painting, figure drawing tutorials.
"This tutorial is a detailed, step by step walkthrough of my process in making a Sci-fi character concept / Illustration. This image was originally an assignment for a PC Gamer cover, which unfortunately never got used. The subject is a sexy Borg female. Since it was a cover assignment, I wanted to have some fun and do a little spoof on the famous Janet Jackson Rolling Stone cover.
This a very long and detailed workshop. It’s a also a Photoshop (PS) tour-de-force. Meaning, I wanted to pull out all the stops and use as much PS “tricks” and fx as possible. This is a special treat for those who want an insider look at how to leverage PS to quickly add a professional looking finish.
I often use this same approach for creating concept art, and the techniques can also be applied to texture mapping. There’s a lot of content here, and we’ve got a lot to talk about, so let’s get right into it"...

Draw realistic Female Eye-Speed Painting

Here is a quick tutorial for all of you who are not comfortable with digital media and prefer traditional media instead. This guy shows you how to draw a female eye using pencils.

Professional Drawing Tutorial!!! - Click here for the most popular videos

Drawing & Painting Scifi EnviromentTutorials by BaronTieri

Here is another speed painting of a sci fi environment that I've found. Even though its by Baron Tieri, he's using David Levi's of Gnomon techniques and his brushes to draw this environment. Enjoy!

Speed painting-Cave by Mattias Snygg

Hey guys,
I found this speed painting video of a cave. It was done by Mattias Snygg. Check out the video, even though it's always hard to follow the painting techniques when the video is sped up 10 or even 20 times but you might be able to learn something from it. If you are struggling with painting caves, this video is for you, enjoy.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hair Tutorial by Natascha Roeoesli

Hey there, I've found a great tutorial on drawing hair by Natascha Roeoesli. Hair is not simple to draw so we all struggle there. Most of us draw hair in bulk but never pay attention to put in the details of finer hair strands and or the flow. Check this tutorial out and let me know if it helped you. Learn how to draw realistic hair once and for all. Another thing, Natascha has other awesome tutorials you guys might want to check out.
How to draw hair

Sunday, March 28, 2010

FREE Fonts

Hey guys, another interesting website to share with you. This is exclusive for web designers or graphic designers. Also, if your a comic book artist and looking for some nice free fonts to go with your comic book, you can probably find it there. While the most fonts are free to use for personal use, some are absolutely free and some you can probably buy. Check it out: FREE FONTS

FREE Photoshop brushes!!!!

Hey guys, what's up? Today I've decided to share a web site which will definitely benefit graphic designers, concept artists and illustrators. For those of you that didn't know about this web site, it's the place where you can download various photoshop brushes for whatever need you have. This can surely help you guys out during your creative process. If you ever wish to create something cool but not sure how, just visit this web page, search for that particular photoshop brush, download it and then load it in your program. Not to waste anymore of your time, here goes the link: FREE Photoshop brushes

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Creature Design-Aaron Sims style by Damjan Visnjic

Here is a video of me doing a creature design. This type of a creative process has been influenced by Aaron Sims, once awesome creature design artist. The actual video of a creature design is speed up drastically to decrease the upload size. Hope you can still understand the techniques behind the video.

Ideal Proportion-Male by Andrew Loomis

Here is a very helpful reference if in need to draw a male body proportions:

This image is from Andrew Loomis-Figure Drawing for What It's Worth.
Here is also a link to above mentioned book in PDF for Free!
If you like it, buy it! 

Welcome to Concept Art Masters Blog

Welcome to Concept Art Masters.
This blog has been created to help out anyone looking for killer concept art tutorials. This place is a collection of over 100 free tutorials designed by professionals who know their stuff. What this means to you? It means that you will be able to maximize your skill level in a shorter period of time without worrying if these concept art tutorials are of any quality. Why pay so much for expensive art schools when you can get almost the same results for free.