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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Making of Set out for Lover-T.G.Jay

Here is another interesting tutorial. This one is more of a fantasy art work, creature/environment feel. Tutorial provided by T.G. Jay

Making of Fountain of Hell-Andreas Rocha

Andreas Rocha will walk you through this tutorial and show you how to use photo reference to create a hellish looking fountain.

how to draw aliens-Emrah Elmasli

Want to learn how to draw aliens and other creatures? This tutorial will take care of that. Follow Emrah Elmaslhere.

Portrait Painting

We can't never get enough of portrait painting tutorials. We can always improve and see various techniques and just adapt those that fits us the best.

graffiti tutorials-

Ever wondered how to create those cool graffiti that you can see on subways and walls? Here is one cool tutorial by Peter Chan

Drawing a Dragon-Sandro Nunes

Another interesting tutorial on drawing dragons by Sandro Nunes. However, this dragon looks different and I think that's cool.
He's a cross between a dragon and a Predator.

Soccer Stadium-Jesse van Dijk

Lets create a concept art soccer stadium, shall we? Jesse van Dijk will show you his process of creating one awesome soccer stadium in Photoshop. You will learn to create realistic lighting as well.

Welcome to Concept Art Masters Blog

Welcome to Concept Art Masters.
This blog has been created to help out anyone looking for killer concept art tutorials. This place is a collection of over 100 free tutorials designed by professionals who know their stuff. What this means to you? It means that you will be able to maximize your skill level in a shorter period of time without worrying if these concept art tutorials are of any quality. Why pay so much for expensive art schools when you can get almost the same results for free.