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Sunday, October 11, 2009

How to draw Human Head-Basics

A lot of people search and are trying to figure out how to draw human head.
I don't blame you, I wasn't able to figure out the right facial proportions myself
when  I was younger. Here is a simple step by step process on drawing male
head correctly. You will learn to correctly position all the facial features,
this will automatically improve your head drawing skills and you'll be able
to focus on creating wonderful characters. Remember this is only a front view,
I will be posting different vies shortly.

Step 1:
Draw oval shape something like an egg with a more narrow side facing downward.

Step 2:
Divide the head equally by drawing horizontal and vertical lines.

Step 3:
Chose either left upper side or right upper side to draw an eye. If you don't
know how to draw human eye yet, tutorial will be posted on this topic.

Step 4:
Once you have the eye drawn, there is exactly one eye distance in between two human eyes.
Above I've copied the eye, pasted it and showed you how to measure the distance. (you can use
this method to measure the proportions of the entire face.) Find an image of human head, copy
the eye and keep on pasting to measure the length of an nose, mouth, etc.

Step 5:
Draw the second eye.

Step 6:
Time to measure the correct placement for the nose and lips. Look at the horizontal line,  find the middle between horizontal line and the chin. Mark with the pen or pencil. This is where the nose will end. Next,
find the middle between the nose and the chin and mark that place. Here you will draw the lips.

Step 7:
Determine the with of the nose to draw. The width of the nose will be drawn in between the two eyes.
Draw two lines going down from the inside of the eyes (tear glands) all the way down. Now you know
exact area where to put the nose. To find the with of the mouth, do the following: draw lips no longer
then where the iris of an eye starts from the inside.

Step 8:
Draw the ears. To correctly determine the length of ears, do this: Ears should be drawn in the area in
between top of the eyes and bottom of the nose. The length depends on the age, gender, and what type
of a character you want to portray.

Hopefully these steps were clear enough to understand. These steps are very simple yet very powerful when it
comes to correct placement of head features when drawing human head. Feel free to send in any questions and or progress of your work.

Tutorial by Damjan Visnjic

Sketching and Inking by Chelsea Brown

step 1:

"The firs thing you'll need is a sketch. Make sure you do it in pencil. It doesn't matter how neat it is since you're going to ink over it and erase it later. Just make it as neat as you need it to be to know what lines you'll be inking over. Make sure you sketch light enough that you'll be able to completely erase the lines once you're 
finished inking."

Step 2:
Now it's time to ink! Select your favorite inking pens and carefully go over the lines you wish to keep. Inking left to right if you're right-handed, or right to left if you're left-handed might be a good idea to avoid smearing your lines. If you make a mistake, don't worry! You'll be able to fix it once we've scanned the drawing into Photoshop.

Step 3: 
"Once your inking is completely dry, you can erase your sketch. You may find there are small areas where you made mistakes. Again, don't worry, you'll fix this in a moment."

Tutorial by Chelsea Brown

Welcome to Concept Art Masters Blog

Welcome to Concept Art Masters.
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