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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Making of Set out for Lover-T.G.Jay

Here is another interesting tutorial. This one is more of a fantasy art work, creature/environment feel. Tutorial provided by T.G. Jay

Making of Fountain of Hell-Andreas Rocha

Andreas Rocha will walk you through this tutorial and show you how to use photo reference to create a hellish looking fountain.

how to draw aliens-Emrah Elmasli

Want to learn how to draw aliens and other creatures? This tutorial will take care of that. Follow Emrah Elmaslhere.

Portrait Painting

We can't never get enough of portrait painting tutorials. We can always improve and see various techniques and just adapt those that fits us the best.

graffiti tutorials-

Ever wondered how to create those cool graffiti that you can see on subways and walls? Here is one cool tutorial by Peter Chan

Drawing a Dragon-Sandro Nunes

Another interesting tutorial on drawing dragons by Sandro Nunes. However, this dragon looks different and I think that's cool.
He's a cross between a dragon and a Predator.

Soccer Stadium-Jesse van Dijk

Lets create a concept art soccer stadium, shall we? Jesse van Dijk will show you his process of creating one awesome soccer stadium in Photoshop. You will learn to create realistic lighting as well.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Warior Wizard-Role playing character-David Munoz Velazquez

Have you ever wanted to create a video game character? I have. Here is one cool tutorial on creating a wizard.

female portrait-David Munoz Velazquez

Davi d Munoz Velazquez, walks you through this amazing female portrait painting tutorial. You will learn how to paint a female of Spanish descend.

Realistic Female figure- Xiao Bing

Well, this is another beautifully done female figure portrait. I believe that Xiao Bing used Photoshop for this female drawing tutorial.

Creature Design-Joe Slucher

Check out this cool creature design tutorial and see how Joe Slucher does his thumbnails, uses inspiration by studying turtles and also learn a few custom brushes for painting the sky and water.

digital matte painting-Sergey Musin

Sergey Musin will show you his way of creating this wonderful digital matte painting. Here is the great example where photo references come in handy. For royalty free images, please check out my previous post, scroll down the page until you get to it.

How to draw Demons-Roberto Campus

Want to learn to draw demons with long horns, big muscles and big fangs? Check this tutorial then provided by Robert Campus. Warning: There is nudity!

Drawing a Dragon

Christophe Vacher shows you his process of creating this dragon artwork.

digital painting tutorial-Brian Recktenwald

Brian Recktenwald will take you through his photo manipulation, Photoshop painting as well as 3dsMax. However, this tutorial tutorialis short so don't expect a lot of detailed description.

Making of Transformers Deathblow-Alon Chou

Transformers, robots in disguise! 
Anyways, today I'm posting this amazing tutorial on Transformers. You will learn the techniques that Alon Chou used to create this peace. This drawing tutorial is 3 pages long so it has good amount of detail. Enjoy.

digital painting tutorial-Robin Olausson

In this concept art tutorial, Robin Olausson will show you how he paints environments with superb detail and lighting. Like many other digital art tutorials, he uses photoshop to start with his painting and then includes stock photography to take this environment painting to the next level.

free stock photographs

This is one of the most important web sites an artist can possess in his/her library. Without proper references, our art work will not look nor feel as accurate. Fortunately this web site is free so take an advantage of this site and improve your drawings. image stock photography

Monday, August 2, 2010

Realistic Eye in 3DsMax

Alright, this tutorial goes out to all of you 3d buffs. You will learn how to create a realistic eye using 3dsMax. Realistic Eye tutorial

Making Of 'Beacon Tower-Andrew Berends

Another beautiful concept art tutorial. This time by Andrew Berends.  I think that image speaks for itself.

Character Maquettes- James Gurney

This tutorial is very interesting. I've been always struggling to figure out how to keep the same character look and feel whenever drawing character sheet in in different angles. This is one of the way to successfully accomplish that. Character Maquettes

Lighting key-Marco Bucci

Here is another light theory video tutorial. Marco Bucci creates 4 thumbnails of same subject and explores different light. Also, you will learn some color theory as well. Lighting Key

Painting Fundamentals-Marco Bucci

For any of you that needs to learn the fundamentals of painting, this video is for you. For those of you that already know this, it wouldn't be a bad idea to brush up on those skills. Painting Fundamentals-marcobucci

Junk Tree Paradise-Concept Art tutorial

Here is another interesting concept art tutorial. This one has that feel of the art from the game Fallout 3 which is cool and interesting. That said, I wanted to share this one with you guys. Enjoy. You will learn how to start off with a thumbnail and then develop it into a full concept art/illustration. Junk Tree Paradise-concept art tutorial

Light and Color-Tutorial

Hey guys, this post is one the most important ones if you really want to become a successful concept artist or any other artist at that. No matter how detailed your illustrations or concepts are, they are not going to look realistic without knowing how to properly introduce light that makes every painting look real. When it comes to color, well, you can't successfully add interest nor can you guide the eye of a viewer if you don't have good understanding of the color theory and how it works. These 2 are very important and also hard skills to master. If you become successful in these 2, your art work will improve drastically and get you ahead of others by far.
light and color-tutorial

Welcome to Concept Art Masters Blog

Welcome to Concept Art Masters.
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